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Welcome to eCampaign


With eCampaign™, you can file your Campaign Finance Forms, electronically, 24/7, from anywhere you can access the internet.  


eCampaign™ allows candidates and officeholders with no active committee to:


  • File your Form 501 Candidate Intention Statement as a candidate
  • File your Form 470 as a candidate or annually as an officeholder (if required)


eCampaign™ allows committees to:


  • Securely file and submit the following FPPC forms:
    • Form 410 Statement of Organization Recipient Committee
    • Form 425 Semi-Annual Statement of No Activity
    • Form 450 Recipient Committee Campaign Statement - Short Form
    • Form 460 Recipeint Committee Campaign Statement
    • Form 462 Verification of Indepenedent Expenditures
    • Form 470 Officeholder and Candidate Campaign Statement - Short Form
    • Form 496 24-hour Independent Expenditure Report
    • Form 497 24-hour Contribution Report
    • Form 501 Candidate Intention Statement


  • Automatically adjust to file the correct form for your spending and receiving activity
  • Easily amend prior forms
  • Print copies of previously filed forms
  • Quickly copy information from prior years’ forms
  • Import information from your CAL Access file


Minimum Amounts for Committee Creation

Minimum Requirements Raised


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